Tranquil 3D Landscape Art and Poetry

What is Kindredsoul ? "Kindredsoul" is a person that is connected with God and nature and appreciates it. We all can be that way. We decided to come up with this website with tranquil art images along with some soothing music and nature poetry that we created.

All art images were selected by us. As you look thru the art images, you will find many detailed landscapes with a "friendly, tranquil, or a happy" feeling. Some of them are available for desktop wallpaper.

They are here for you to enjoy and it is for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed.

Note about the art images: Art images were created by Worldbuilder Pro, Vue D E'sprit and Bryce. In the gallery, I have indicated with software was used with each image.

Hope this site enhances your love of nature outside the computer world. Select either art or poetry section of our site below .


The Galleries have been updated with some new images.

Under the Shade

Wildflowers poem:

Counseling Online

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